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before you read this weeks blog. take a deep breath close your mind to all that is bothering you. exhale and all that troubles your mind to go with each breath. i want to tell you to close your eyes for better focus but i need you to read this as well. so we will skip that part and go to the next listen to the beat of life (your heart beat) the soothing sound should relax you. this is to the ones who eagerly wait the blog - hold your horses and be still, be easy am about to start.

they say every great teacher or leader lived by example and never wrote a book giving out his ideals or his opinions e.g. Jesus, Moses, and Gadhi. i would mention more but my spelling is not the best especially for the non english names and am very ignorant with these matters. so we will stick to those that i have mentioned. with them not leaving any written documentation and their teachings to be so profound it led to misinterpretation. and later generations came up with their own meaning as such the original meaning was lost and worse yet it wsas changed to suit the persons own point of view.

with every interpretation it leads to divisions among my followers or my litttle ones. an example of the divisions is the major groups worshiping one God and the number of themes gotten from a story or a play. forget all that and take it for its face value if its just bull shit its just that crap there is no deeper meanig. there is no reason for how i cross my Ts and dot my Is.

as a result am going to make myself clear with this writting so screw you with all the hidden meanings and themes am writing from the top of my mind and the bottom of my heart. half the time i do this is coz somebody has really pissed me off and the only way to vent is through this half hoping he might read it (later not now) then he gets why am really pissed. the othertimes i will talk about my situations. and the best of times i write when there is nothing on my mind where my hands take the lead from my spririt and am allowed to be myslef infront of you for five minutes. those minutes i hold them as golden and i speak oh do i speak. i only stop when erality takes place and the clock starts ticking again.
so until next time

yours truthfully

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