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my girlfriend

how i have missed you so.
since pleasantries must be observed we will start with the formalities.
how are you doing?
how are you?
habari yako?
ni vipi?
mambo vipi?
ok then lets begin this weeks blog,
it was an interesting week i had.  so interesting that am writing this when am hangovered. yes its monday and i drunk last night. atleast am becoming more fluent as i tried to blog earlier and failed miserably. but on the plus side some say am most interesting when am drunk and i dont know why all i do is lie and make alot of noise.  as such you are getting the best of both sides.

todays blog is dedicated to women. i should write it this on mothers day or girls day or whenever they celebrate themselves. usually when i speak to women or about them i normally refer to their wobbly bits. their soft spots and the cushiony parts and am fond of them. but today we will look into their humanity, ironically they are just like us. even though they say they are from mars or from venus or any other place in the solar system. from my experience i have had shortcoming with the female sex for a while as most of them are coniving lying snakes with all due respect to the honset ones.

yesterday i had a first hand experience with a real woman.  and it was amazing as i am used to girls and most of them should be described using words that are not said in a church. i met a reall woman who is willing to be led. a woman who took time to make a day for her  man.  i was impressed how she organised her household and affairs were in order.  she made me a fan of relationships

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