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The Bible

I love reading the bible, it is my all-time favourite book. The book has been around for over 2000 years and people have been drawing out different meanings from it from the onset. Over the years the different integrations have turned out to be assumptions that are true until you would hear how a scholar interprets the texts. I do love it when I hear bible scholars break down verses and explain the real meaning of what is being said rather than what I assumed. I sometimes wish I was able to read the bible as the scholars are able to. I would love to go to a seminary or divinity school so that I could deeply understand the bible.


I had many certain assumptions when I read the bible and just to find out later I was wrong about them. For example here is one of the assumptions I had about the bible verses I thought the guy who had many demons – legion was a Jew. In Mark 5:1-20 it talks about crossing the lake and going to exorcise the guy who was possessed. From my understanding most of the work Jesus did was only for the Jews until I learnt that the guy was not Jewish because he used to live in a cemetery and he was pig herder. Jews can't be pig herders because they consider pigs to be unclean.


Another assumption I had about the bible is that I would forget God knew how things would turn out in the end. I would read each story in the bible with eager anticipation trying to find out what will happen next. I would read how different characters would pray and wait for a miracle. The prayers were deep and they were about to give up and God comes through for them. My assumption was it was because of the prayers they did, but in reality it was all God's plan. I am assuming that it took them by surprise when God answered them but in reality it was all in the works.


Another assumptions I had in the Old Testament is that angels were the ones who were visiting people. I have come to learn that in those instances it was Jesus who was popping in and out in the lives of the people. So the guy who Jacob fought in Genesis was Jesus. It's been Jesus all this time especially when the text doesn't allude to the name of the being that has visited the people to bless them. My last assumption is that the book of Mark was written by Apostle Mark, one of the twelve disciples. Apparently it was written by John Mark, with no better explanation I would say the other guy.


Did you have any assumptions from the bible?

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