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Rotman Admissions Package

Finally I got my admissions package from Rotman School of management, I was told it would be here after two weeks but it came after roughly one week. You must admit those guys are very efficient the turnaround time is incredibly fast. I flatter myself by saying since they want me there so badly they are willing to hasten the process for me. Now that I have gotten the official admissions packet now I will seriously look into funding for the two year program. This means I have to start looking at scholarships and bank loans to make this a reality.


According to my admissions package my next step is to deposit CAD 5000 to the school account which will be credited to my tuition. Also there are some stuff that I have to sign and send back to them. After putting in my deposit I will be looking into the Canadian student visa and see how to make it work for me.


Here are a couple of photos of what the admissions package has:


  1. How exciting! It looks like you are off to a wonderful endeavor, Zaby! Congratulations and best of luck!!!

    ~ Robin


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