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MBA Fair Nairobi

There is a two day MBA fair today going on in Nairobi at the Hilton Hotel. I don't know how far spread these fairs are around the world but we get one every year. I have never been to any one of these fairs in the past and I took the opportunity to meet the representatives of various schools that I am interested in. I got to the event pretty early, I hate the fact that I am not able to time the traffic well to my advantage. I got there with half an hour to spare and I had to wander the hotel lobby looking for somewhere to chill.


I was in one of the hotel conference rooms watching TV and one of the shows which was playing was the making of Hercules. Note to self I should get to watch that movie, it has Dwayne Johnson. I had a series of meetings with 3 schools for the evening and when I got to the desk one of the school reps' wasn't there because of a delayed flight. That meant I had an extra 30 minutes of waiting for my next appointment. To kill that time I went to a GMAT conference, I was surprised how many guys were interested in taking the GMAT exam. I loved how the guy who was talking explained like it was simple because it wasn't simple for me. But I guess to each his own.


It was about time for my next appointment and I met a lovely lady from Vleric Business School. At this meeting I was with another guy and the school rep. Yolanda, the school rep, asked us to talk a little about ourselves and then she later on talked about her school. I knew most of the things about the school because most of the information was on the internet. The reason I went there was to ask her questions that I had and I didn't want to wait for two days for a response. Unfortunately I had too many questions and our session ended with me not having asked all of them. The sessions are only 20 minutes long. I took her business card so that I can email her the questions I have.


The next school I met up with was Manchester Business School, and the rep was Chris. I really do love how different people in the world have different accents. Here was a guy from England, sadly I didn't know where but I liked his accent. He was a capable rep coz we talked in depth about his school and to be honest this could be one of my front runners. Can you imagine me at Manchester, learning and watching United games live? That would be awesome.


The last part of the fair was a mingling part with all the school reps and I wanted to participate in but it was getting late and I had already gotten all the information I could get from the short sessions. In the end I would like to thank the organizers for the MBA Tour, Maureen and the other guys I didn't get to meet.


Would you go to one of these fairs?

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