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I was asked the other day whether my last Facebook update had a deeper meaning. I was taken aback coz most of my posts however rare they are, are usually about random stuff and things I steal from other sources. So like this time I read something from a book and decided to repost it and I thought it was funny. Later in the day I got concerned call from a friend asking if things were ok. I actually thought there was a problem that I wasn't aware about it turns out that it was about Facebook.


I do know there are people who write posts targeted at someone which I think is very immature. If you have a problem with someone you either shut up or go and confront the person rather than hide behind internet posts. I would like to say its young people who do this but sadly people who are older than me fall prey to this. The guys who I see are most vulnerable to this are people who are from broken relationships and they want to set the record straight.


Given what I have said, I was called to ask if things were ok. I was like it was just a joke and there is nothing there. There were no deeper meanings and no hidden attacks to someone. I do have to admit sometimes I want to post stuff when I am upset at something but at the end of the day it's not worth it. There is more harm than good that comes out of it.


Have you seen any weird Facebook posts?

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