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Windows 10

Every year Microsoft has a show telling people to get ready for their new products. I haven't been blogging long enough for you guys to go look for my previous posts on Microsoft but this will be the first of many. But back to my post, Microsoft has something for all of us every year. Some of the things they bring to us are a hit and some are a miss, personally I think all of them are hits and I find it silly people complaining about Microsoft coz in the end we all subscribe to their religion. Unless you are a mac user – heathen.


So its 2015 and we start of January with Microsoft talking about Windows 10. Who names these programs, for example here are the past names for Windows are 8.1, 8, 7 vista, 2000, XP and the rest. I would love to be in that boardroom and be the guy who comes up with the names. Instead of going to Windows 9 you jump to 10 so that you keep the world guessing. But then again I digress from my point. The Windows managers came to talk about Windows 10 and all the new and exciting features that they will have for all of us in the coming months. These were my personal favourites and I am looking forward to them.


First of all was the personal assistant Cortana, which looked really cool and handy at the same time. The option to speak to your computer giving it commands and sometimes having a conversation makes things interesting. Jarvis anyone? I use google now a lot and I enjoy giving voice commands, thinking they will be a personal assistant for my PC sounds really cool.


They said they are going to come up with a new browser so I guess it's the end of internet explorer and I think we should have a funeral for it. We should have a eulogy and talk about all our great and not so great times of it starting from the first Windows version. "Farewell my old friend although we didn't know each other much I will miss you knowing that you aren't there. The new browser looks hot, I saw it had moving images on the search page. It's hard to explain that last part you will just have to google it.


The last feature they introduced was mobility, I think this was about time they did this. Mobility means you are able to use your PC, leave it and pick up your tablet and continue from where you left of. This to me is very handy and I can see many practical applications to it. I would be able to blog and edit on the go with seamless transitions. Here is a video of the presentation.



What features did you like about Windows 10?


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