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Windows 10

On the 30th Sept 2014 Microsoft Corporation released windows 10. I have been using Windows 8 which turned to 8.1 for roughly three years. People all over the world were complaining about it but I found it to be easy and ok to use, although there are some things which did get me off my guard. I generally like the windows 8.1 experience. I was really looking forward to the next step for Windows and sadly to say the unveiling was a bit lacklustre. The presentation was focused on enterprise people and I am not included in that category because I am simple user. Anyways since they released it, I think it's only fair that I talk about it.


The start menu button is back, to many peoples applaud. The button is back and it's looking fancier than ever. All the programs have been put there like the way windows 7 had. The improvements on the start button are that there are live tiles which are on there and the search interface is much more intuitive. Personally I didn't care much for the button because I had moved on.


Snap enhancement was introduced to us. Snap enhancements - a new "quadrant layout" will allow four apps to be easily arranged on the same screen. This looked cool especially you can have four different programs on the screen at the same time. This makes it easier for multitaskers to work faster and more efficiently.


They showed us the new Task view button. A new button on the task bar will let the user see all open apps and files, helping them switch from one to another. The task button seems handy but per se, as it will be easier for novices to switch between one or two programs and apps and as well as experts who run 10 to 20 apps.


Lastly they talked about multiple desktops. Users can switch between distinct desktop screens, allowing them to group related work together rather than having to deal with a single screen overloaded with documents and apps. This is similar to a feature already available on Apple's Mac OS

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  1. Thanks for this informative post. A lot of it I didn't know!


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