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The Villain in Me

I have always loved the villains in most movies, cartoons and stories. That might sound strange to most people but have you ever thought about the villain in the story? Let's put aside all the hate we have for them, I hate you Delores Ambridge. And let's try to look at it from a different angle. Let's say how they made the Maleficent movie, FYI I just misspelt Maleficent the first time I wrote it down. How the movie focused on the evil witch and gave us her story. Let's look at the evil queens, step mothers, Darth Vader and Scars. Let's tell their stories.


One of the reason I live evil villains is because of the evil laugh. Am going to be honest that is one of the main reasons. I love it how when they describe taking over a city and then the rest of the world and they burst into evil maniacal laughter. You have to agree, you have to give it to them to be proud of their work. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA <evil laugh> and then they stop they say that good doer is going to foil our plans.


Have you ever noticed that the villains are successful, ok mildly successful? Whatever evil plan they have, they just manage to complete it. They create the evil torture device, they manage to kidnap the victims and they unleash the Krakens. They set their goals, plan, execute and they succeed. Unfortunately they are thwarted by the hero through some valiant action.


Evil people have this uncanny ability to attract the hottest sidekick. Have you noticed how hot the girls are? Look at the joker and Harley Quinn, the girls in Bond movies, it's like an unwritten rule you have to have gorgeous women. Also the bad people are very attractive, before they go to deep in to the dark side like Tom Riddle, Anakin Skywalker and the good side of Harvey Dent.


Lastly you have to be in awe in the fierce loyalty they command over their followers. They sacrifice themselves for the antagonist. Examples here will be found with the Death Eaters, the hyenas in the lion king, the minions in despicable me and lastly all the henchmen in the movies.


My favourite movies are the ones the antagonist is the main character. Movies like Oceans 11, Fight Club, Megamind, and Wallstreet. In all, my favourite villains are the Joker, Why so Serious? Hannibal and Keyser Söze. The ones I agree we should all hate is that bastard king Jeffrey in Game of thrones; Delores Ambridge and the hunter in Bambi.

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