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I am back

It's been a long while since I have posted anything and am really excited to be back here posting stuff. I have found that I have a lot of time available to me so I plan on filling it with blog posts and various activities until my future is decided. Hopefully I will have some long and interesting posts but don't be surprised if I just have a photo with a message on it.
This is a weird time in my life as I am in between places. I am hoping to join Georgetown University to get my MBA and yet am not sure how and whether to continue running my enterprise. I love my enterprise and it has kept me busy for four years but at the moment I don't know how we are to move forward. I am not going to let it go but I will have to find a way of making it work while I am in school.
A little bit about Georgetown University, it's a great school that is in DC. They have great MBA entrepreneurial programs that I would love to be a part of and my main motivation to join the school is to bring my past experience from my work and see how I can take my knowledge and education to the next level. There are other schools that are ranked higher in terms of entrepreneurial programs but Georgetown felt right to me for various reasons. It's amazing how this university was started over two hundred years ago, in 1789 to be precise. Our country, beautiful Kenya, is only 50 years old. It goes to show how education can do for a country. So am looking forward to that culture, the legacy and excitement that follows a university that is so old. I went to Nairobi University here in Kenya and I would love to compare and contrast the two schools. I read about the MBA programs for Georgetown and it all sounds challenging apparently they teach through a case method, I am not sure what that is but be sure I will be able to tell you. The college I will be in will be is McDonough, and am waiting to see the fun and exciting stuff that is out there. As of now I don't know if am going to get in but my fingers are crossed and hopefully I will be accepted in a couple of days.


While I wait to be accepted am going to take this time to learn more about being more business oriented and learn as much as I can before joining the MBA program. I finally want to learn how to use excel properly, does anyone out there know any tutorial that is great at teaching that? Also I want to learn how to write in business English, it's a language am yet to fully grasp. This post is getting longer than I had anticipated so am going to let it go from here and I hope you will hear from me in the near future.

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