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its raining

when u close ur eyes and think of all that could go wrong like your finances your and relationships your spirituality. then when you open your eyes and u find that every thing is going from bad to worse. like a domino effect where one starts and others follow to end in a spectacular fashion all around you.
then u think how did it all start, sure enough there was a mistake here and there but the results of the mistake shouldn't be this grave. they say this is the best time to prove your character, to find out what you are made of and any other thing they say to try and encourage you. but the thing is you are not ready for it. there was no signal to prepare you psychologically to go like get ready. like in the Olympics there is always a gun shot in the air to get u going.
but life is different there is no alarm, all u find is that the race has started and every one else is off the mark and u have not yet started. at first we are all optimistic that we can go through this and endure but slowly and slowly time chips away at your resolve. then all you have left is a pissed of human being who is skeptical about everything.
and then here we are in our pool of shit , our bed in hell and this is what am saying nothing lasts forever and as soon as we came into this situation is as soon as we will get out. but at the end we have to make sure we have not lost our self in the process

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