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My Best Dressed Football Coaches

I don't really do fashion posts but there are times when I see how someone dresses and I go like this should be on my post to acknowledge their style and their sense of fashion. Many people out there don't think much about their looks or they dress just appropriately for their positions but there are those few who I admire who take it a notch up and bring their A game to the table. These are the guys who wear a uniform like the rest of the co-workers but to set them apart they rock some sick watch, beautiful shoes or go crazy and wear a fly scarf. So this post is dedicated to those who take an extra minute to dress above and beyond the call of duty. I hope this doesn't sound like a soundbite on E.


In football the last thing you would expect people to talk about is fashion sense. I would agree to some extent that we don't get to see much of it on the players during the games unless one looks at the hairstyles they have on. Then again we also have to agree they are wearing a uniform so there is limited opportunity to show off their style. Off the pitch is a different story that is when you get to see how well they can dress and give them their dues. With this post I want to focus on the football managers as they have free reign on what they wear.


As I have watched football for many years I would say that I am an authority on all things vanity about it and I can say these three are the best dressed managers in the game right now.
Jose Mourinho

Pep Guardiola

Joachim loew



Who are your best dressed coaches?

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