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Sound Tracks In Movies

Sometimes when I am watching a TV show or a movie I get lost in the sound track and I kind of forget the movie. There are certain scenes in the movie or show where the music takes over and you are taken to another emotional level. The songs bring out more to the scene than the actual acting. For example there are times when I am watching a sad scene I break out in tears as the sad music slowly starts playing.


I have to give it up to the people involved in choosing which song to go with which scene. The songs seem to fit perfectly for the scene and I would love to know how they decide which song goes where and which one to pick. With the vast music library available to them how do they go like this is the best one for this scene? Also where do they learn how to do this? I am very knowledgeable in music but when am watching something new I am astounded with the song they chose. Most of the times I would hear the song for the first time. Anyways my hat is off to them.


I have many favourite sound tracks from different movie scenes or TV scenes but here are my top five:
If I didn't know better

My heart will go on

Na Na Na Na

Running song
Blood diamond death scene


Do you have any favourite music sound track?

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE the show Nashville and it's mostly because the music is insane. I even bought the Christmas album they put out. I absolutely HATE movies that don't have the right music or a lack of music altogether. It truly is important.


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