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The Angriest Man In Brooklyn

I don't often do movie reviews but I think we should all watch this movie. I had nowhere to go over the weekend so I sat down, got fries, chips whatever you guys call them and started watching movies. I really find it hard these days to sit down and watch movie after movie as I normally feel guilty for not doing anything more productive like reading a book or something. But I decided I am going for a movie marathon on the weekend coz I could do it when I was younger why can't I do it now? Challenge accepted!!!


I watched a couple of movies from Avatar – classic, Muppets Most wanted- who doesn't love Kermit? Riddick and The Angriest Man in Brooklyn. Out of all those movies the one that stood out for me was the last one. Personally I think Robin Williams is one the funniest comedians out there, I would go so far as to name him my top ten funniest comedians. I can't mention the other nine right now but he is up there. I loved his work ever since I go to watch one of his earlier movies Mrs Doubtfire, yes am that old, and not that old to the guys who have watched his first movies. I can't brand his style of comedy but it works for me and he kills me in his work. He has acted in great movies like Good Will Hunting, totally awesome. Not to mention that he has had a couple of misses in his career – Bicentennial Man, why Robin why?


The angriest man in Brooklyn is about like the title said the angriest man. I was a bit sceptical when watching it because I tend to avoid negative situations or connotations as it affects my spirit. But since it was Robin, how bad can it get. Apart from the first five minutes of discomfort when he is a raving lunatic, the movie takes a light touch and it turns out to be a classic comedy. The basic plot is that he goes to the doctor, and he is told he has 90 minutes to live and he tries to do everything he can in that time he has been given. It's a really great movie for everyone to watch apart from kids coz he curses a lot.


Here is the trailer


If I get to watch any cool movies I will be sure to share it with you guys. What good movie have you watched of late?


  1. The last movie I watched was Planes - Fire & Rescue with the grand kids. It was cute. :)

    1. i havent watched it but i will look for it. thanks :)

  2. That looks funny. You think Mrs Doubtfire is bad? Do you remember Mork and Mindy? Well I do - lol! (hopefully they were re-runs!)


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