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Business School Update

It's been a while since I updated you guys on what has been happening with regards to graduate school. I am going to pay the deposit for the school this week, $ 3000, which is a figure from where I come from. This will help in processing my I-20, for any international student going to the US knows what it is. To others it's a form that you are required to have which is issued by the school you will be attending, so as to be used in acquiring a US student visa. It's basically straight forward as long as you meet the requirements. I ran into a couple of hiccups and that is why it has taken me so long to get it.


I was invited into a whatsapp group that has admitted students of the business school. Which is cool because I get to meet my class mates ahead of time and we get to know each other. Here we talk about our experiences, pasts and the challenges of being an international student. The people I have met are awesome and I hope to meet more people through that group. The group name of the group is Simon Business School, yes we are that creative.


I will keep you informed with the progress in the coming weeks. Any advice for me?

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