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I am just coming from an interview, from a local company here in Nairobi. It was a bit unorthodox because it didn't feel more like an interview and I was the one asking most of the questions. My assumption is the guy who I would be working for is brilliant and just wants somebody to work for him. So there I was talking to him about his country, his business and the work we would be involved in. Assuming I get the job.


It felt totally refreshing, handing over the reigns as I am used to being responsible for the success of a company. Now I would just be a paid employee not the employer. I wouldn't be bothered too much with profits and losses as much as they would have bothered me. I am not saying I would be irresponsible, no but you know what I mean. I was once asked a question and I have never been able to answer it – assuming you are a self-made entrepreneur, who would you give up your career to work for as a personal assistant? Right now I would say Richard Branson, or Donald Trump, or anyone who started a billion dollar company so that I learn how they think. How they face adversities and stuff.


In a few minutes I am going for another interview, but this isn't a job interview it's a B school interview. I have gone through 80% of all the questions they can possibly ask and am looking forward to the 20% ones that make me trip. Because you know, they are those kinds of questions. I am buoyed over the last interview I had and am brimming with confidence. I don't want to take this interview too lightly but am ready to go.


Hopefully I will blog about the experience, but am not going to say which questions they asked but more of how it felt like. I took a couple of selfies getting ready for the interview. Wish me luck.

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