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finally i get a chance to speak to my followers. ironically i cant do this when people are watching me and of late there has been too much human traffic around me. as a result this weeks blog has been rushed as this is the only alone time i have. this blog is to the people who know me most and to those who dont have a chance to know me. i put my thoughts for public scrutiny and public criticism. now that doesnt mean that any of you all can come up to me and question me about what i post either about my situation or the people i relate to.( that was a disclaimer) 
so now that is out of the way lets begin this weeks blogthis week has seen the highs and lows since the last we spoke. or rather the last i taught and u listened. this weeks lows go further than what i have beeen used to. i.e not the disappointments we are used to e.g. somebody forgets something of yours or u loose something not important like little money. am talking about real disapointments the ones you call hte Lords name in vain or you say" what the fuck!" yes i had one of those. and it all happened on the saturday of april of the year 2009. thats when i got my what the fuck weekend. 
in a nutshell what happened is that i have to quit this place i call an employment and those called the postmen (andpost women if they are any).  after the injustice that was done to me by the two i kept on thinking and planning. when the time reaches to tell them whats on my mind,  and it wont be pretty i will employ words of large profanities that will make the devil call out on Jesus' name. it has to be said that weeekend were so not a plan that it made me paranoid. can uimagine it made Xabz paranoid it made me think twice about all my moves. and yes that so unlike me. in the end i want to lool back with all of you and go like whatever doesnt kill you only makes you stronger
but it wouldnt be fair to you or to my friends if am not to mention them in this weeks blog. even though the events of the weekend were tumultous i had a respite of hope and happines by staying with them.  my boys made up the high of the week. 

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