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its that time of the day of the week of the month. when u get a chance to peer into my sordid mind to feed your addiction. to find what made me put this pen to work or fingers  to keyboard. to read the words of the most entertaining, captivating and challlenging mind up to date. for you do to criticize, laugh enjoy and most of all to say "i think he might just have a point." now that that has been established lets get on with it.
i wont write about politics or my philandering ways and my relations to the environment. i have something to say about my situation am in (classic Xabz) or the hole i dug for myself. come to think of it.... no no today am doing it different am going to put a bit of poetry in the blog. its unaltered not edited i.e am just going to wing it. to bring in something new for my biggest fans and critics. 

i learnt how to write early
before i would  use sticks and crayons
i tried to convey my feelings but 
i wasnt taken seriously

later i went to school 
i was taught the alphabet
now i could write the  language 
i failed to impres my message

i mastered the language and
i could add the popular lingo 
but still i fell short 
then i learnt poetry

let me speak, be held accountable 
listen now i know how to write
pay attention these words
hold more than they can carry 

my pen is moved by emotions 
and it cries tears staining  the paper
it leaves systemic marks and symbols
reflecting the world i call my own 

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