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holla at my people!!
i would only write if am bored or something has moved me. today its the latter, the has been recent events that got me thinking and ofcourse i thought it would be a great blog (ofcourse). around the world this is what has been happening of late: the people in thailand are up in arms over their government further in the USA a sunday school teacher killed one of her students and overall economies are easing through the hard times. thats all great and wonderfull topics and titles but what am to write about is what happened closer at home.
so now my fellow kenyans got tired of our leaders and decided to take action. (this is not a rant against kenyans no i love kenyans) there has been a shortage of food and also resources making the cost of food to rise about 40 - 50% and we were left hanging by our policy makers our problems solvers. so my people gathered themselves, contributed money, food stuffs and they are feeding the less fortunate. showing in even with little we can still be human and be our brohter's keepers. my fellow kenyans got tired of the government not doing anything about the infamaous or famous island of Migingo picked up the rail in a not zaby kind of way and removed inorder to send a message. the message should be have done by our government and it has been clearly heard by our foreing neighbours. it was funny stupid and even dumb write idiotic but ti was amazing seeing people rise up and change things. 
if u want to change things first and foremost you should change yourself. lets change ourselves

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