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episode one

i chose black as the most ideal background as the word would be white showing there is hope and light in my dark mind. it also  looke cool. now i have the chance to properly introduce myself.
in every great series the best characters are introduced last. be it a tv series a movie series or a novel and if a short story series qualifies its also included. but since its me writing to you all am bring them to you now and dont forget the twist still has to come. the most important character to get to know is me forget about the rest.
so its a new week but am a bit late in the blog (african timer) but there were few well deserved reasons none of them worth mentioning.  the weekend was as ussual eventful i didnt know my body could take so much alcohol. what guys say that the liqour makes women pretier is a lie, the reason is we loose our standards but back to the story. i spent the days at a bar watching my team play- the devils. the game was intriguing and enough to make anyone to start drinking or stop watching fooball. 
but the highlight was the going out part. me and the boys got our way and went to the clubs. the most interesting part was when i was half past drunk and i was still trying to get laid since am not the most coherent and temperal person around. as you guessed it i went to sleep solo grabbing my balls.
all in all it was a great weekend i will hit u back soon

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