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That Guy

That guy or Girl is that person who leaves a social setting and then by their departure it ruins the dynamic of the group. The guy leaving doesn't have to be the most fun guy or interesting but his leaving will change the energy of the group. This makes more people to want to wake up and depart killing the "fun times" that the group was enjoying.


This happens in every age group, I remember when I was younger and we would apply any sport and each team would have an equal number of players. When one of the kids would leave there would be a miss match between the two teams. Whichever game we were playing would end and that kid who left would be that guy.


In some occasions it doesn't have to be leaving a group setting but it could be doing something contrary to what the social norm. For example there are times, all the time, I prefer to drink vodka to any other alcoholic beverage but the other guys in the group would want whiskey. Since we all have coughed up the money for the drink I end up being that guy because I am going against the grain.


I am not against being that guy as sometimes you have to be that guy especially when what is being done is wrong or if it goes against your ethics. In such situations be that guy. Whenever there is a huge change in society is because there was one person who stood up to the masses and because of him or her we are able to enjoy the sacrifices they made. But since we are not trying to change society and it's not infringing on your beliefs don't be that guy.

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