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Sad movies

I have come to a place in my life where I find I have so much free time. I am sure it won't last once I start B school. I am told the work would be so intense that we won't have any free time. So here I am making the most of today. I was told to watch The Fault In Our Stars by Hsiao-Ting and I did. I love getting recommendations for movies and books to fill my time. But I think I bit too much to chew on this movie. If you guys out there haven't watched I would like to warn you, it is a sad movie. I have watched a couple of sad movies in the past but this one takes the cake. I am trying to not to give out any spoilers. This movie isn't just sad but really sad. The first one hour thirty minutes is cool. The rest of the movie isn't as cool. The sadness goes on and on until the end. I would think it would have stopped at some point, but no it didn't. it went on and on. Like a cruel reminder that this movie does not have a happy ending.


It got me thinking of which other sad movies are out there. I went to my movie library to see which ones I can watch again to find out if it will have the same effect as the fault in our stars. There are a couple of sad movies out there like The Blind Side, A Walk To Remember, My sister's Keeper, Titanic, Paradise lost and I Am Sam. Out of all the movies I have mentioned the ones I think that come close are I am Sam, Paradise lost, and Titanic.


Those movies tugged on my heart, and made me really sad at the end. They made me so sad I wanted to email the writers and ask them why dude? What is up with all this sadistic nature of yours? Do you get any pleasure in seeing us cry? We paid good money for these movies, ok sometimes I pay, where is our happy ending?


But on the other hand I have to salute them, on appreciating what a good sad movie is. There is something to a melancholy ending. When you have gone through a journey with the characters and you know what is going to happen but you still watch how they handle the struggle. It's almost poetic to see their hearts broken as well as yours and get encourage at the end to see no matter what happened life still goes on.


Have you watched any good sad movies?


  1. thanks for this list! read the book to "the fault in our stars" and even cried then, when she was talking to her parents. weird enough, the movie that made me cry the most this year was "winter's tale" - but maybe it's because I got sick on a 8-hour flight while watching it haha, but check it out if you have the time!

    1. I am going to watch Winters tale. I will look for the book as well. I want to know the full story. Thank you for the tip


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