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The Unsung Heroes

This post is mainly for the people who don't get much attention but they still do the stuff that most guys don't do. This post is inspired by some of the stuff I have been watching on the news. These guys deserve appreciation and I tip my hat off for them.


The first people I would like to talk about are the doctors and nurses who are dealing with the Ebola crisis, either in West Africa or all over the world. They have put themselves under considerable risk trying to help people who can easily infect them and there isn't much in how they can help the patients. They treat the patients knowing that either 50% or 60% of them are going to die. There are have been some sad instances where the doctors contract the illness themselves and they know full well the consequences. My hat goes to you Dr Kent Bradley, Nancy Writebal and Dr Craig Spencer. I want to mention he African doctors and nurses but I don't know their names but I am in awe of them.


The other unsung heroes are the people who are around us who do things for us without telling us. These people are your parents, spouses, siblings, relatives and friends. They take care of us without us guys knowing what they are doing it without asking for any recognition. When you are sick they take care of everything while you are incapacitated. They keep you from harm by taking care of your enemies, they defend your honour while you aren't there.


Who is your unsung hero?

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  1. What a lovely tribute to people who deserve high praise. Well said!!


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