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My 5 Favourite CNN Shows

I am kind of a news junky, I would like to know what is going on everywhere in the world. From what my neighbour is cooking for lunch to how people in Asia are coping with natural disasters. It's a fetish I have had for a long while. My fetish comes in handy especially since it is a great icebreaker for conversations. For example did you guys hear about how Kanye West stopped his show because a guy in a wheel chair refused to stand up? You can watch the video here…

 I know, shocking right.
My favourite source for news, credible news is CNN, I am a big fan of them and I love how they present the news with a level of professionalism. Within the news that they broadcast they have special shows that cover different topics and it's what am going to blog about. My favourite shows are:
World Sport
I hope you aren't surprised I picked this one first. I mean I am a guy and also a sports fanatic. I watch almost all sports even the ones I don't understand like Curling. What is it with the brooms? The show is aired twice a day with updates of different games and sometimes they interview a couple of athletes. They not only talk about sports but things that are affecting the industry as well.


Business traveller
I absolutely adore this show and it pains me coz it only aired once a month. The host is Richard Quest. For the life of me I don't know how he got into television he has a very unique voice- special or whatever you would call it. And it takes some time to get used to. In this show he talks about – like the name - business travelling, he talks about hotels you can go to, business class tickets in planes and which companies are making travelling so much easier. This is a very informative show and I love it because he talks of one of my passions – travelling. I really like his job and if I can't do it I would love to be part of the guys in the support staff.


This is another travel show that has a different take on travel shows. This show is hosted by different people in each episode and they are locals from the place they are talking about. For example, the show went to Bali, and they got someone from Bali to host the show and show people where to go, eat and experiences that visitors should have. What are the people from Bali called? With the locals being the "tour guides" you get an in depth view of the country and more of a natural feel of the place.


Inside Africa
This show has a special place in my heart and its coz am from Africa. There are variety of topics that the show talks about and it illustrates how various Africans are dealing with today's problems. It features African designers, entrepreneurs and leaders who are making a big difference at home as well as in the world. I like this show because it talks about how successful some Africans are as opposed to seeing how poor and destitute some of us are. In other words it puts a positive spin of the news. Yes I know that is rare.


This is by far the best talk show program that CNN has. Amanpour, the host, gets various guests and talks about current affairs. The reason I like this show so much is because she asks really hard questions and the guests are able to answer them no one is left tongue tied. She is very knowledgeable in whatever area she is talking about and you as the view get to learn about the situation she is talking about.


Do you have any favourite CNN shows?

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