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I want to improve my blog, to get many readers, followers, subscribers etc. I went and bought Blog Inc., a book written by blogger Joy Deangdeelert Cho for bloggers to learn how to blog better. After reading the first few chapters she advises that we as bloggers should have an "About Me" page. As of now I don't have one ready yet. She says readers want to connect with their bloggers and find if they can associate with them. The best way for readers to know you is by having an "About Me" page. All that is well and good but my challenge is that what should I write as a blogger about myself? I have a problem describing myself to other people. I always find it easier for other people to describe me because depending on the circumstances I am a different person. Let me give you examples


Earlier in the year I was applying to different business schools to get my MBA and as a requirement I was meant to describe myself. The admissions committee would read my description and see whether I am a right fit for them. Simon Business School granted me admission, so I guess they like the description of me – go Simon!!! When I was talking about myself in that essay I brought about my professional and a bit of personal self. I talked about my work accomplishments and ambitions you know business like thingys. Or in other words corporate speech. The thing is that is not all I am I have a personal life as well.


In a personal setting, when let's say I am going for a date, and there would be times where I am going to describe myself. There are things I will have to say to look cool, charming sophisticated and I have never done anything wrong so that I can be perceived as the perfect mate. At the same time I have to appear as funny, a jerk and a sex god in my telling of who I am. I have to put my right foot forward in the social scene so that I can be deemed worthy and I will be in a relationship with. FYI I didn't do that to the girl am with right now, and it worked out – weird isn't or she is on drugs. I will let you to decide.


In a family scenario, I am a totally different person and here I am not asked to describe myself but my family could do that much better as they know me so well. My parents would say am lazy, rude and all things parents say. My siblings would say am fun-loving, a comedian and an outgoing person. My friends would say am loyal, trustworthy and the guy to have in a party.


Lastly I would say we are who we are depending on what relationship we have with a person. So when you are asked to generally describe yourself what do you say? Should you talk about your personal and professional life? Should you altogether lie, because you know we all aren't that honest? I think the worst part to this question is that there is no right answer. I don't think there is any answer I can give about myself that is totally correct about my persona.


If I ever could describe myself like V from vendetta it would be perfect take a look:


At the end she asked "are you like a crazy person?"


How do you describe yourself?





  1. Interesting post! I am forever changing my About Me page too (and plan to again this weekend) thinking is it appropriate? Is it too much? Too little? I guess the secret is to simply be yourself and then you will attract the right people to your blog :-) Good luck with your blog, I shall follow your adventures!

  2. i am so going to read your about me page. am following your blog too

  3. I think that its Hard to describe myself as well. I love your explanations. and of course its alway a challenge to connect to people via internet. Much Luck! Love the blog. making sure I follow for future posts.


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