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Graduate school update

Its been a while since I spoke about graduate school. This is mainly due to waiting for the school to respond, and didn't they take their time. Its been a month or longer I think and am still not sure whether am going. The fall entry wasn't possible because:

"I hope this e-mail finds you well.  The Admissions Committee has met to discuss your application and unfortunately, at this time we cannot offer you admission for Fall 2014.  Due to a higher number of admitted students accepting their offers this year to date, with many offers still outstanding, we have been unable to accommodate all qualified candidates for Fall entry.  The only option that is available at this point is to consider you for our Winter (January) 2015 entry option."

So I applied for the January intake. This means another two or three weeks of waiting so as to know whether I would be accepted. This is a bit of a relief as I thought they would like me to be there for the fall, and applying for visas, getting tuition would have been a task. So now I have more time to prepare at leisure. In the mean time I have to get employment as I can't just laze around for another 5 to 6 months.
The adventure goes on…

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