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Power of Celebrity

I was planning to blog about something different today, but something recently happened and I thought I should mention it. If I talk about it later, it won't sound relevant or news worthy. Last night I was listening to one of my favourite reggae artists – Tarrus Riley. He really has cool music and when I went to one of his concerts I was very impressed with his vocal range. The dude can sing. I used to have this misconception about reggae artists and I know it was wrong. I thought most of them can't hold a tune to save their lives but ironically at the same time they are successful artists. I referred to them as entertainers rather than musical artists. Am glad to be wrong on that account, most of these guys can really sing.


Back to my story, I listened to his new song, relatively new as it was released in December, and I sent him a tweet. Telling him I liked his new song and he later retweeted my tweet. I was very excited when I saw that. You would think that things like these shouldn't make a grown man like me happy. I was super excited when I saw his response or acknowledgement. I am not ashamed to say I would so be a groupie and if I had a chance I would follow a band throughout their concerts. Like I would so follow Tarrus all over Africa, and Europe if I could. There is nothing wrong with the Americas, but I don't think he goes there. I thank God that we have such platforms like twitter where we can randomly tweet celebrities in the hope that they see them. I like to think that artists and actors love their fans and respond to their fans.

I will not lie to myself thinking that he is the one who personally responded to my tweet, it was one his handlers but it was a good feeling to be acknowledged. Here is the song I was listening to:



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