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Trying again

I am applying to another graduate school, I didn't get to the one I wanted but I have to move forward. Not getting to the school was mildly disappointing and now I have to scramble looking for schools that would take me so late into the year. But I will tell you I didn't give up. I would like to write the name of the B school but I don't want any negative attention from them or directed towards them from you guys. It's a good school although not as good as the other one. I applied for the program in 2 days, which has to be a record I although I wish I had more time with the essays I believe I would have wrote some killer essay. I am looking forward to an email inviting me for an interview, or if the school sees it fit to forfeit the interview the better for me.
I am looking also at forums about the school, seeing what other applicants are saying and their reaction to the school. I will admit there are a couple of positive posts and as usual negative ones. I will keep monitoring them trying to imagine a positive outcome for myself. The good thing about this uni, is that they give you news quickly they don't waste time which is very positive. I also would like to recommend them because they also waive the application fees. It may not seem as much but if you are applying to 3 or 4 different schools that figure piles up on you. So with that I congratulate them for being kind? Understanding? Accommodating?


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